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roxyduq in dinner_ideas

Healthy snacks to make with first graders!

All right everyone, I need some creative ideas!  I'm a first grade teacher, and for Catholic Schools Week, each class is to prepare a healthy snack to share with the school.  I was thinking veggie pizz...the kids can spread the dressing/"sauce" and veggies on it.  Ants on a log and trail mix were taken by other classes.  Any good ideas?  I'm looking for something that won't be too difficult and with no actual cooking, except for anything I could prepare ahead of time.  We have many peanut allergies so anything with nuts or peanut butter is out.

Thanks in advance!


our kids (preschool) like making faces using rice cakes, cream cheese and veggies/misc shaped foods/fruit.

I was actually thinking earlier something along those same lines. Do they taste ok? That's all I'm worried about- I don't want to make anything that will get mushy or not taste good.
mine tasted good. :D
most of the kids ate theirs.. depends on what foods are offered.

we used olives and garbanzo beans, pretzels, raisins, cherrios, sprouts etc..

i don't know if you have time but if the kids could make suggestions on what they'd like and eat..it would save on creating a gross concoction. :D

my kids dip their watermelon wedges in ranch and sour cream.. so there ya go. lol.
i also love the parfait idea cuz most schools offer the same fruits day after day. apples, oranges, pineapple/peaches. the latter are always canned.
(at least this is the case in our awful lunch program)
i love the idea of kids enjoying berries, all those pretty juices adding color to a plain or vanilla yogurt.
its a back pocket science experiment too. :D