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roxyduq in dinner_ideas

Healthy snacks to make with first graders!

All right everyone, I need some creative ideas!  I'm a first grade teacher, and for Catholic Schools Week, each class is to prepare a healthy snack to share with the school.  I was thinking veggie pizz...the kids can spread the dressing/"sauce" and veggies on it.  Ants on a log and trail mix were taken by other classes.  Any good ideas?  I'm looking for something that won't be too difficult and with no actual cooking, except for anything I could prepare ahead of time.  We have many peanut allergies so anything with nuts or peanut butter is out.

Thanks in advance!


i also love the parfait idea cuz most schools offer the same fruits day after day. apples, oranges, pineapple/peaches. the latter are always canned.
(at least this is the case in our awful lunch program)
i love the idea of kids enjoying berries, all those pretty juices adding color to a plain or vanilla yogurt.
its a back pocket science experiment too. :D