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strawberry6703 in dinner_ideas

July Menu

Hello! I used to be in this comm a loooong time ago and decided to re-join. I'm back to doing monthly menus: It's summer so I have time; we've spent too much on too many grocery trips and eating out; I'm pregnant and want to eat better; monthly menus will make life easier when the school year starts (we're both hs teachers) and when the baby's here.

So here is my July menu. I started it on the 6th (plus we were out of town until then).

7 - Out w/C&A: Houlihans
8 - Pizza & Salad
9 - Lena Bday: Party @ Babe’s
10 - Cicken milano (breaded, baked), fettuccine alfredo & Salad Leftovers
11 - Gr Ckn (out), mac & chz, cobb corn Cicken milano (breaded, baked), fettuccine alfredo & Salad
12 - Pan grilled shrimp, leftovers Mac&Chs, cobb corn
13 - Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, any leftovers
14 - Nachos/Quesadilla’s
15 - Skilled fried chicken, cob corn, salad
16 - Lasagna, garlic bread, salad
17 - Fried shrimp, baked potatoes, ranch beans
18 - Eat Out
19 - Pizza, salad
20 - Parmesan chicken, rice-roni, ranch beans
21 - Turkey burgers, french fries
22 - BBQ chicken sandwich, potato salad
23 - Garlic shrimp, leftovers
24 - Out of town
25 - Out of town
26 - Out of town
27 - Out of town
28 - Skillet grilled chicken, scalloped potatoes, cobb corn
29 - Eat Out
30 - Cicken spaghetti, salad
31 - Cicken pot pie


wow, that's ambitious! i can't even think up enough ideas for a week. go go !
Eh, it isn't too bad. I've made a "draw from the baggie" of menu items. That makes it easy. I just came up with 30-40 different main dishes, and voila!