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purple fairy

slpmary in dinner_ideas

My First Dinner of 2009

OK, I did it! I ate health all day yesterday. I did have a slice of home made bread at work. The cook brings it hot accompanied by creamy butter to the nurses station and then she says "Mary, you want some homemade bread?" What's a girl to do?

Last night I made salmon cakes with brown rice, stir fried vegetables and a few slices of orange. Washed it down with yet another glass of that light silk soy. I am loving that.

The salmon recipe is so easy.
1 can of salmon
1 pkg of Old Bay seasoning mix for salmon cakes
1/2 cup mayo
mix together, form into patties and fry in coconut oil for 5 min. each side
The sides are frozen stir fry veggies and brown rice flakes (only takes 3 minutes)
The rice flakes give a texture similar to polenta.
and some pretty oranges too:)


Thanks and so easy. This really is a 15 minute meal if you use frozen stir fry and 3 minute brown rice flakes.